As one of the largest dedicated property publishing houses in the UK, Barrelfield Media offers a wide range of client focused services. From printing to distribution the Company is committed to delivering a range of premium property advertising and marketing facilities.


Using the Barrelfield Media distribution network it is entirely feasible for any type of business, property related or otherwise, to target either geographically or demographically specific households anywhere in the UK. Our targeted distribution facility is one of the most accurate and refined systems and has helped many estate agents, developers and retail companies promote their businesses, products and services to identified areas. 

Our distribution service has also been used by a number of market research companies to place and test new products by using demographic segmentation. New product merchandise such as washing powder, shower creams and gels, other beauty products and money off redemption vouchers have all been successfully delivered to key target groups by Barrelfield Media. 

We promise to deliver - without waste.

Contract Publishing

In addition to our own MoveTo published titles Barrelfield Media also undertakes contract publishing for clients. Our years of expertise in the world of publishing enable us to provide clients with all the key services such as editorial, advertising sales, print and distribution and, if required, storage space in our warehouse.

Barrelfield Media can provide a complete end-to-end service that is fast and efficient, reliable and cost effective. If you have a corporate magazine, newsletter or undertake other regular printed material you'll know only too well just how time consuming and labour intensive pulling all the strands together can be.

Perhaps it's time to open up a dialogue with Barrelfield Media.